Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Granny square pin cushion

Some more blue and white to show you this week - as I loved the colour mix in this month's Christmas decoration so much I couldn't resist trying it again in my latest crochet project.

This little pincushion is made using tiny thread granny squares. It's inspired by the beautiful pin cushions that Emma Lamb makes (www.emmallamb.blogspot.co.uk) and I'm delighted with how well it turned out :-)

I also tried a new 'join as you go' technique for joining the squares and really enjoyed doing it this way - check out Attic24's tutorial for how to do it too.

This post has been shared as part of Lakota's Ta da Tuesday.


mispapelicos said...

Really lovely!!!

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

Super cute!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Very cute - it looks easy enough, is it very fiddly though?

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Jessica said...

Thanks everyone!

Lakota - yes it was fiddily... very, very fiddily. Crocheting with thread is always hard work and then with tiny grannys you have all those little ends to work in, still think it was worth the effort though :-)

♥ Miss Tea said...

Totally adorable! love it! inspiring too as i love doing crochet! i too like to visit attic24 and "joining as you go" technic sounds practical..i gotta learn that!

blog hopping from ta dah tuesday over at lakota's

Susan ( http://tea-diary.blogspot.com )

Little Nell said...

The blue and white is so pretty and very reminiscent of Wedgewood.