Monday, August 22, 2016

Meet Mareep the Pokemon sheep

We have been quite Pokemon crazy here at Tea Towers this Summer and have been playing the Pokemon Go game on Rich's phone, making our own cards and also getting excited about all the different creatures there are. So it made logical sense to me that when I saw the latest Yarndale collaborative project that my contribution would be Pokemon themed.

So say hello to 'Mareep' - my sheepy character that will be sent out to join the rest of the flock at this year's Yarndale (little woolly sheep project)

My Mareep has been made using the free crochet pattern up on Lucy of Attic24's blog with a few elements like the quiff and ear cones that I've come up with freehand. I hope someone at Yarndale gives him a loving new home!

Finally a proper photo of the Pokemon card I used for inspiration, I love the cute picture of Mareep on this card - he looks so sweet and fluffy.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

3DS gadget case

New gadget case just finished for my husband's newest toy - a Nintendo 3DS... I was very tempted to 'Totoro' it as the grey makes me think of the giant Totoro.

Now to go and get back to my knitting.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Back crafting :-)

It's been a long time since I've had time to do some craft... but this last week I've actually been able to do some and it has been wonderful!

These two circular purses I made from the photo tutorial found on handmadiya. They were quite a faff to make but it was lovely to be doing some hand sewing again and I love how they turned out. I'm calling them 'yo-yo purses' as that what they make me think of.

These purses were presents for two girls off to Australia for a year so I wrapped them up like parcels with pretty butterfly stamps cut from some tissue paper I had in my stash.

School has also just finished - as I've spent this year working as a TA in my children's primary I wanted to give all 35 children in my class a present... so I broke out the hama beads and made these initial key rings for each of them. I used the letter shapes from this flickr photo.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Happy hookers

Back in February of 2014 I started up my own local 'Happy Hookers' group to get together all the wonderful ladies who have learnt to crochet with me. Janet started it really with getting me to teach in her craft room classes and then wholehearted supported doing a regular meet up to practice while eating cakes and drinking wine :-)

As a group we've also contributed to a few collaborative projects - these mandalas were sent out to Yarndale 2014 and it was great fun to try and spot our groups different crochet circles in amongst the hundreds of others that were up in the Skipton market hall.

Recently my crochet group as contributed to the 'Cwtch of comfort' project that my sister Liz has been working so hard to support. These squares meant a great deal to me as it was so nice that my new crochet friends were keen to spend their time supporting this charity with me.

Here they all are again - so busy concentrating on their stitches.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Space invaded

Over the years I have made a number of crochet covers for Rich's electronic gadgets. In recent years these seem to have started to take on quite a space invader theme...

The first of these space invader cases was for a laptop and used a nice chunky yarn that worked up lovely and quickly. The case was a very simple rectangle of single crochet with the front folded up and the sides sewing together leaving a flap at the top for the closure.

This much smaller case is for a kindle and is worked up in double knit yarn. The design on the front is slightly blurrer looking as each of the pixels was made up of 2x2 single crochet stitches.

The latest crochet case is for a new laptop that is wider and so the specification for it was that it was a thinner fabric so it would fit in Rich's rucksack. So this one uses double knit yarn and has the 'highest resolution' of the three covers as each pixel is made up of 4x4 single crochet stitches. The closure for this uses press studs which I think look lovely and neat.

Thursday, June 11, 2015


This was a quick costume make for a star wars themed Birthday party... the tunic hood was made from a cut up charity shop dress and the ears are of course crochet.

To make your own ewok ears then simply:

with brown yarn working in a continuous spiral

R1: 8 sc into a magic ring
R2: *2 sc into first stitch, sc* repeat around (12 sc)
R3: *2 sc into first stitch, 2 sc* repeat around (16 sc)
R4: *2 sc into first stitch, 3 sc* repeat around (20 sc)
R5: *2 sc into first stitch, 4 sc* repeat around (24 sc)
R6: *2 sc into first stitch, 5 sc* repeat around (28 sc)
R7: *2 sc into first stitch, 6 sc* repeat around (32 sc)
R8: *2 sc into first stitch, 7 sc* repeat around (36 sc)
R9 - R15: sc around
R16: *invisible decrease, 7 sc* repeat around (32 sc)
R17: *invisible decrease, 6 sc* repeat around (28 sc)

make two then attach them to a head band - hooray your ears are finished!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Over due blogging...

I've been sorting through the photos on the camera and found quite a few photos of things that I wanted to blog about... these two baby hats are from way back before Christmas - ooops!

This handsome little guy is wearing a variation of the stripped hat I made up for Sam 3 years ago.

The hat is so simple to make - it is straight across the top and then worked in rounds in a square shape. For each row you carry the yarn across so no need to rejoin yarn and barely any finishing up at the end. Once you have the size you want then just add two pom poms to each corner and you're done!

I also made another of these stripped baby hats for my little niece and though I really like the colours I much prefer the bold boy hats.