Sunday, July 15, 2018

Hama bead geekery

This weekend had us all busily hama beading away... Rich had seen some fantastic Mario coasters that he wanted to try and recreate so everyone in Tea Towers was enlisted to help.

Didn't they turn out fabulously?

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Peaceful waves

I've done it! I have finally finished my very lovely snuggily Moorland Blanket from the yarn pack I bought way back in September last year.

I love the colourway - it blends so well through the grass colours, into the heathers and then to the beautiful colours of the sky.

I had difficult choosing a four colour border so I stuck with the 3 colours liked best together and that I felt went well with the blanket all the way through the colour phases. Now I'm all ready to snuggle up on the sofa - may have to wait a few months though!

I'm also putting a few repairs into Sam's old toddler blanket, it's seen a lot of love over the years and from being on Sam's bed since he was tiny it is starting to unravel in a few places... hopefully I can keep it together for a few more years!

Friday, July 6, 2018

Hot hot hot!

The weather is so very hot - our Manchester garden has never been this dry... however there is one plant that seems to be loving the recent heat wave.

This ever so cute amigurumi crochet cactus is from the kit with issue 59 of Simply Crochet. I love this pattern by Ilaria Caliri, the little details make it look so perfect, like the spike stitch around the top of the pot to create the rim and the tiny pompom that you put in the centre of the flower.

The hot weather seems to make it hard to face any larger projects so at the moment I am happily working through some of the lovely kits from my back issues of Simply crochet.

I've also recently finished this Tilly Flop card design that made me smile - so true :-)

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Tasty and useful!

I've just finished up this quick Jammy dodger biscuit, and it looks good enough to eat ;-)

But wait... it's not just a biscuit...

It's also a tape measure!

This was made from one of the Simply Crochet magazine kits that came with issue 71.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Pretty patchwork

This year I have mostly been patchworking... I started paper piecing a number of hexagons after Christmas and have been very slowly putting them together ever since.

Once all the hexagons were completed I had some fun arranging them along the bottom edge of the curtains I was making, I then took a number of photos of them to act as a patchwork map for joining them all back together.

Months later I had finished joining them and sewing them onto the curtains... final seams and bits were done last night and today I finally have put them up, hooray!

Don't they look so very pretty and lovely hanging up in Emily's room?

Saturday, February 24, 2018

World book day

Behind the scenes I've been busily crafting away on a variety of projects that I've yet to get around to letting you know about. Until I find a few moments to finish and take some photos I wanted to share with you this year's costumes for World book day.

Emily has suggested a wide range of ideas from 'a pencil' ("The pencil" by Allan Ahlberg), 'a loaf of bread' ("Hooray for Bread!" by Allan Alhberg), 'a rainbow fairy', 'a guinea pig' ("I love guinea pigs" by Dick King-Smith) and 'Norman' ("Norman the slug with a silly shell" by Sue Hendra). Eventually we agreed on 'Keith' ("Keith the cat with the magic hat" by Sue Hendra) and this crochet hair band is what I've come up with.

Sam was much simpler... he at first wanted to be a moving castle ("Howl's moving castle" by Diana Wynne Jones) but happily settled for Calcifer the fire demon instead for which I've made him this mask.

I'm so pleased to have costumes sorted well in time for World book day and that we've managed to do characters from books that both my two love :-)

Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year!

Hope you are all enjoying the start of 2018. I've just started a new blanket so I'm extremely happy :-)

Blanket is from an Attic24 wool pack - the Moorland blanket. So soft and snuggly already!