Monday, October 31, 2011

Three little ghosties

"Three little ghosties,
Sitting on posties,
Eating buttered toasties,
Greasing their fisties,
Up to their wristies.
Oh, what beastesses to make such feasties!"

Happy Halloween everyone!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

More handmade goodness

Life with baby Emily is pretty hectic so I've still not managed to complete any crafty projects. However, my list of projects to make is getting pretty long now - it isn't helped by seeing all the lovely things that other craft bloggers have been making.

I must find some time this weekend to give these extremely cute felt Halloween decorations a go. I also need to try and make a quick costume for my 3 year old - I'm tempted to try and dress him as a bat, any suggestions for how?

Until I do get something finished I have some more gifted craft goodness to share - my good friend Esther (etsy shop Bunting & Beads) recently sent me a bumper parcel full of crafted goodness. About 6 months ago I challenged her to make me 10 different things for when my little girl was born all using a different craft method. She took me up on the challenge and managed in that time to do just that! My parcel contained the following:

  • Two new baby cards, one made with paper craft and the other done with cross stitch
  • One little crochet handbag
  • One lovely knitted baby hat
  • A hand sewn felt elephant toy
  • A pair of pretty felt hair clips (made using a Cuttlebug)
  • One girly beaded necklace
  • One lovely little tapestry stitch needle case for when little Emily gets into crafting in a few years 
  • Some very beautiful bunting to decorate her room with
  • A gorgeous butterfly mosaic tile
All these lovely hand crafted items have started me thinking - how many different crafts can I do? I'm tempted to try and challenge myself into doing a different craft each week and see how many weeks I can keep it up for... though this may have to wait until I have our home situation more under control!

How many crafts can you do?


    Tuesday, October 4, 2011

    Our latest arrival

    Sorry for the lack of posting recently, I've only just come out of hospital after giving birth to my second little one - baby Emily. Life here at Tea Towers has for this reason been pretty hectic so normal blogging has had to stop while we get ourselves settled in to our new life.

    So far I'm loving having little Emily - she is such a sweet little one and seems to be quite a sleeper so hopefully I'll be able to find some time to craft and blog again soon. Until then I have been receiving some very lovely handmade presents from friends and family which I'll be able to share with you all while I get myself back on track.

    This beautiful blanket has come from my sister in Wales - look how lovely it is! Liz has only been crocheting for a year but seems to have really taken to it and has produced quite a number of lovely things already (you can check out her blog here).