Book review listing

For almost two years I have been writing a regular book review for this blog and these reviews have
really started to mount up. Mostly they are books from my own growing craft book collection and so
there are quite a few crochet titles as well as a few sewing and glass painting titles. Hopefully
you'll find a review for a book you've been interested in on here, but if not then let me know and
perhaps I'll be able to get hold of a copy myself to write a future review.

"AntiCraft" by Renee Rigdon and Zabet Stewart
ISBN: 978-1-60061-030-1

Reviewed 07/05/2010
"Baby crafts" by Lynne Farris
ISBN: 978-1564967961

Reviewed 19/05/2009
"Bend the rules sewing" by Amy Karole
ISBN: 978-0307347213

Reviewed 27/11/2009
"Blanket statement" by Vicki Haninger
ISBN: 978-1440430299

Reviewed 09/04/2010
"Cherry cake and ginger beer" by Jane Brocket
ISBN: 978-0340960899

Reviewed 12/03/2010
"Childhood treasures" by Caroline Zoob

Reviewed 17/07/2009
"The Crafter's companion" edited by Anna Torborg
ISBN: 978-1-905005-17-8

Reviewed 23/04/2010
"Creepy cute crochet" by Christen Haden
ISBN 978-1-59474-232-3

Reviewed 30/07/2010
"Christmas crafts"
ISBN: 978-1905825332

Reviewed 15/01/2010
"The Complete guide to Knitting and crochet" by Nicki Trench
ISBN: 978-1405486101

Reviewed 12/02/2010
"Crocheted gifts in a weekend" by Nola Theiss
ISBN: 978-0806909714

Reviewed 16/10/2009
"Crochet inspiration" by Sasha Kagan
ISBN: 978-1933027128

Reviewed 04/06/2010
"The Cute Book" by Aranzi Aronzo
ISBN: 978-1932234688

Reviewed 02/04/2010
"Essential Crochet" by Erika Knight
ISBN: 978-1844001651

Reviewed 22/01/2010
"Finishing techniques for crochet" by Betty Barnden
ISBN: 978-1844484348

Reviewed 13/11/2009
"The Gentle art of domesticity" by Jane Brocket
Reviewed 11/09/2009
"The Glass painting book" by Jane Dunsterville
ISBN: 978-0715304280

Reviewed 23/10/2009
"Glass painting projects" by Jane Dunsterville
ISBN: 978-0715308332

Reviewed 23/10/2009
"The Happy hooker" by Debbie Stoller
ISBN: 978-0-7611-3985-0

Reviewed 18/09/2009
"Homemade" by Ros Badger & Elspeth Thompson
ISBN: 978-0007284795

Reviewed 29/07/2009
"Little stitches for little ones" by Amy Butler
ISBN: 978-0811861281

Reviewed 28/01/2009
"Simply enchanting crafts" by Lilas Force
ISBN: 978-0715330043

Reviewed 19/05/2009
"The Softies kit" by Therese Laskey
ISBN: 978-0811858861

Reviewed 02/07/2010
"Stupid sock creatures" by John Murphy
ISBN: 978-1579909666

Reviewed 28/01/2009
"Super-cute crochet" by Nicki Trench
ISBN: 978-1906525392

Reviewed 19/05/2010
"Super-super cute crochet" by Brigitte Read
ISBN: 978-1907030246

Reviewed 24/09/2010
"Tasty crochet" by Rose Langlitz
ISBN: 978-1600613128

Reviewed 27/08/2010
"Vintage crochet" by Susan Cropper
ISBN: 978-1903221884

Reviewed 22/05/2010
"The Wonderful weekend book" by Elspeth Thompson
ISBN: 978-1848540460

Reviewed 25/02/2010