Wednesday, December 26, 2018

The droid gang

I'm still loving the fantastic Star Wars crochet patterns by Lucy Collin. In the run up to Christmas they were the perfect quick gifts to make for the family.

BB-8 has come from the new Star Wars crochet book "Even more Star Wars Crochet" by Lucy Collin. I love how the clever construction worked so well to show so much detail and he ended up looking fantastic.

This kit came with so many exciting new patterns as well as the materials to make BB-8 & a Jawa.


I was much happier with the finish of my Jawa after adding an extra row of sc around the finished edge of the hood to make it slightly deeper.

Last up I made a really quick R2-D2 (and he really was very quick, only took about 3 hours from start to finish). My R2-D2 has pipe cleaners in the legs to reinforce them without any stuffing which I think worked really well.  

I just love these patterns and will be sorting through my stash to make more soon :-)