Saturday, June 20, 2015

Space invaded

Over the years I have made a number of crochet covers for Rich's electronic gadgets. In recent years these seem to have started to take on quite a space invader theme...

The first of these space invader cases was for a laptop and used a nice chunky yarn that worked up lovely and quickly. The case was a very simple rectangle of single crochet with the front folded up and the sides sewing together leaving a flap at the top for the closure.

This much smaller case is for a kindle and is worked up in double knit yarn. The design on the front is slightly blurrer looking as each of the pixels was made up of 2x2 single crochet stitches.

The latest crochet case is for a new laptop that is wider and so the specification for it was that it was a thinner fabric so it would fit in Rich's rucksack. So this one uses double knit yarn and has the 'highest resolution' of the three covers as each pixel is made up of 4x4 single crochet stitches. The closure for this uses press studs which I think look lovely and neat.

Thursday, June 11, 2015


This was a quick costume make for a star wars themed Birthday party... the tunic hood was made from a cut up charity shop dress and the ears are of course crochet.

To make your own ewok ears then simply:

with brown yarn working in a continuous spiral

R1: 8 sc into a magic ring
R2: *2 sc into first stitch, sc* repeat around (12 sc)
R3: *2 sc into first stitch, 2 sc* repeat around (16 sc)
R4: *2 sc into first stitch, 3 sc* repeat around (20 sc)
R5: *2 sc into first stitch, 4 sc* repeat around (24 sc)
R6: *2 sc into first stitch, 5 sc* repeat around (28 sc)
R7: *2 sc into first stitch, 6 sc* repeat around (32 sc)
R8: *2 sc into first stitch, 7 sc* repeat around (36 sc)
R9 - R15: sc around
R16: *invisible decrease, 7 sc* repeat around (32 sc)
R17: *invisible decrease, 6 sc* repeat around (28 sc)

make two then attach them to a head band - hooray your ears are finished!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Over due blogging...

I've been sorting through the photos on the camera and found quite a few photos of things that I wanted to blog about... these two baby hats are from way back before Christmas - ooops!

This handsome little guy is wearing a variation of the stripped hat I made up for Sam 3 years ago.

The hat is so simple to make - it is straight across the top and then worked in rounds in a square shape. For each row you carry the yarn across so no need to rejoin yarn and barely any finishing up at the end. Once you have the size you want then just add two pom poms to each corner and you're done!

I also made another of these stripped baby hats for my little niece and though I really like the colours I much prefer the bold boy hats.