Saturday, February 24, 2018

World book day

Behind the scenes I've been busily crafting away on a variety of projects that I've yet to get around to letting you know about. Until I find a few moments to finish and take some photos I wanted to share with you this year's costumes for World book day.

Emily has suggested a wide range of ideas from 'a pencil' ("The pencil" by Allan Ahlberg), 'a loaf of bread' ("Hooray for Bread!" by Allan Alhberg), 'a rainbow fairy', 'a guinea pig' ("I love guinea pigs" by Dick King-Smith) and 'Norman' ("Norman the slug with a silly shell" by Sue Hendra). Eventually we agreed on 'Keith' ("Keith the cat with the magic hat" by Sue Hendra) and this crochet hair band is what I've come up with.

Sam was much simpler... he at first wanted to be a moving castle ("Howl's moving castle" by Diana Wynne Jones) but happily settled for Calcifer the fire demon instead for which I've made him this mask.

I'm so pleased to have costumes sorted well in time for World book day and that we've managed to do characters from books that both my two love :-)