Monday, June 30, 2008

Manic Birthday crocheting

Looks like my crafting break is well and truly over now - I've been non-stop crocheting for the last week all to try and have gifts ready in time for family Birthdays. I'm pretty proud of myself though with these two little cuties.

On your left you should see a little crochet frog who is looking very alert with his wide open eyes. This little guy was pretty easy too do especially as I opted to only do the easy feet for this one (I was in quite a rush and the hard feet version would have meant sewing on 24 individual toes). He has been sent out to one of my little nieces to enjoy as part of her Birthday present

On your right I would like to introduce the little elephant that I made up for my second little niece's Birthday (too many Birthdays!). This little one was also very easy to make (though when making the ears I really couldn't see how they would end up looking anything like elephant ears... but it all worked out in the end).

The main pattern is the same for both animals and these two are from the Kirstieskids 'Lazy Days 2' crochet pattern (which you should be able to purchase from Etsy here)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Moving house

I'm terribly sorry for the complete lack of crafty posting for the last month - but I have a very good excuse, I've just moved home.

This is my first time buying and while it has all gone pretty well it has taken up a huge amount of time and effort. The house is a lovely 2 bedroom mid terrace with a cute little garden that hopefully will be growing some pretty flowers and herbs soon.

To break back into regular crafting gently I've just finished up making these little moving house cards/notelets to send out to friends and family. They are very simple, just a printed A4 sheet of paper with the title and message printed on. Then I just cut out some little card board houses added either 'Fragile' or 'This way up' and stuck them to the front - done!