Saturday, October 27, 2012

Granny square love

A few weeks ago I got to teach a crochet class as part of JanJan Designs weekly 'crafternoon' sessions. The session was so much fun - we all had a great time making granny squares and everyone left delighted with their work.

To help with the class I made up a batch of example squares - I always find looking at a real piece of crochet so much more helpful than a photograph. So after the class I had a batch of squares left and as I couldn't face starting a blanket decided to turn them into a scarf instead...

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

October's craft: Icing :-)

Sorry for not posting a craft for September - I did try to do one, but it turned out so badly that I didn't even bother photographing my attempts...

So for October I thought I would give a bit of simple icing a go. First I made up a quick batch of gingerbread men from a recipe on the BBC food website. Then armed with a circle of greaseproof paper and some icing sugar had a go at making some icing and my first ever icing bag... and I'm very happy to say I managed it!

Icing bag in hand I got to work and before I knew it I had my own little army of gingerbread men... now to go and test a few :-)

Friday, October 5, 2012

October's decoration: Little birds

So sorry for the lack of posting over the last week - Tea Towers is in full party preparation mode as the big event is this Sunday and there is still lots to do.

Thankfully I've managed to make up all the party bags now and I'm really pleased with how they worked, love the look of the simple brown paper bags and I'm hopeful that their recipients will like the contents.

This is just a quick post with my latest Christmas decoration - yet another felt project from the wonderful "Fa la la felt". I took this project along to a new craft group this week and made a couple of the birds up to be sold in aid of The Christie, however the pattern really is very small so I copied it up a bit larger at home and made a couple more birds to add to my fast growing box of decorations. I really love the mix of blue & cream in these and again will have trouble giving them away.