Sunday, May 26, 2019

Pokemon crochet - risky but worth it!

My side of the sofa has been taken over with Pokemon crochet again. After making a few more Pokeballs as a last minute present for one of Sam's friends I finally got around to making a few different balls to add to the kids pokeball collection. First I crocheted up this Ultra ball - on giving it to my children it was promptly thrown at me.

This didn't deter me though as I foolishly decided to try and make a repeat ball. I was very proud of it and so passed it to my husband to admire and he then threw it at me with a shout of 'I choose you!' 

Emily then requested a crochet pokemon for one of her friends and so little Lotad has just been finished up ready to join a new family. Before heading off to a new home though he went out to visit our garden pond to see if he could spot one of the frogs that have been occasionally popping by.

I'm pleased to say that Lotad has not been thrown at me, at least not yet...

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Baby blue

I'm back trying to get busy crocheting and wanted to quickly share this ripple baby blanket I finished at the beginning of Spring... 

Colours from a yarn pack bought for me by my lovely sister. Ripple pattern by Lucy of Attic24. 

Should be keeping a new tiny one warm soon :-)