Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Library finds

In recent weeks I've been spending quite a lot of time at my local library with my little one as he seems to enjoy the trip out almost as much as I do. As I now have a bit more time to look round properly I've been noticing more and more things that I never realised this library service offered including a selection of craft magazine to borrow!

The selection of magazines isn't brilliant (unless you are more of a card maker/scrapbooker) but that really isn't the library's fault as this basis towards paper crafts is very noticeable in all newsagents in the UK. They did have this one title "Quick & Crafty!" which I had a good flick through and then borrowed a bunch of back issues. While the majority of projects are paper craft and jewellery making there are a good few other crafts included too; like using polymer clay, cross stitch, and the very occasional knit and crochet patterns. The magazine also comes with a free gift each week for which there are a few projects in each magazine... I wonder what the library staff did with these?

While perusing the craft book section of the library I also came across a few titles that fancied so I grabbed hold of the following two to borrow:

"Simply enchanting crafts" by Lilas Force
ISBN: 978-0715330043

After reading a review of this craft book on another blog I decided that I wanted my own copy - what could be better than some beautiful craft projects with a fairy theme? So when I saw this in the library I was very excited to be able to get a good look at the book before buying my own copy.

Unfortunately it wasn't really what I was expecting it to be... the book is lovely all the photographs are beautifully taken and there are some very pretty things in there. However the projects all seem to be jewellery making with a couple of sewing projects and some recipes at the back. As I don't really do anything with beads myself (more because I just don't have space to start yet another craft than I don't want to - I do!) I found myself feeling a little let down that there really wasn't anything in this book for me.

I would have loved to have seen more variety in the crafts in this book - perhaps more detailed instructions too as these seemed a little basic to me. Otherwise a very lovely book to look at and definitely one for the jewellery makers out there.

"Baby crafts: Unique gifts for new arrivals" by Lynne Farris
ISBN: 978-1564967961

This is a lovely little baby craft book with a good few projects in that I would (if only I had the time) like to have a go at. There are a variety of crafts included in this book including some simple machine sewing, painting, paper craft and a bit of knitting.

My favourite project would probably be the sweater duck toys - such cute little duckies made out of a up-cycled sweater. I also loved the simple idea of adding a small applique to the front of a baby vest to make a more personalised item.

Sweet and simple - well worth a look through if you have a special little someone to make for.

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craftytammie said...

I love the library for craft books - Here in the US they will even borrow books from other libraries for you! We go weekly to ours to get movies too, my kids love it.

Thanks for joining my giveaway, I was a bit confusing so I wanted to let you know you are entered for the bag - but do check back on the 27th for another contest! Thanks!