Friday, May 22, 2009

A quick crochet break

After my struggles with the sewing machine I felt the need to do a little crochet to remind myself that I'm good at one craft at least! So I've been playing around with a new bootie design for my little boy as he is at the tricky in between size where 0-6 months is too small and 6-9 months is too large.

Many strangely shaped and completely undersized/over sized booties later and I finally ended up with a bootie that I'm pleased with (the over sized bootie that I made up would probably have fit a 3 year old - not really sure why I thought it was the right size for my little one... oops!).

These booties are pretty quick and easy to make. They are made up in one piece (strap included) and then just need the ends weaving in and a button adding - easy! The front of the bootie is slightly wider than the back to accommodate my son's wedgey feet.

Not much else to say about these little booties apart from the fact that I really like them and I'm tempted (though not too sure) to write up the pattern properly (also writing a few variations for different sizes) and try selling it on Ravelry. What do you all think? - Would anyone be interested in buying yet another bootie pattern? I'd need to look into baby foot sizing too before deciding on whether it's worth the grief to try and rework my pattern into a number of different sizes.

I've also just finished up this little crochet cosy for my sister's DS lite. After failing to get round to finish off her Birthday present (her Birthday was way back last September...) I felt pretty bad so I whipped this up for her to try and help with some of the guilt. I really must at some point finish off that top for her, though I wish now that I had never started it - uggh! But I will finish it, just not right now okay :-)

Tomorrow we are all headed off up North for my sister-n-law's wedding so best get on with the packing.


Unknown said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am fairly new to blogging and am always excited to have new visitors. Don't give up on the sewing. It can really be a joy once you get the hang of it. The laundry bag looks great. You are an incredible with a crochet hook! I am envious. I have a teach yourself to crochet book and will be working on that this fall and winter. Be sure and stop by my blog tomorrow or Wednesday and sign up for my SewMamaSew giveaway!

Tasha said...

oooh I love to crochet too, its very addictive. The sewing knack will kick in just give it a bit more time and practice :) thanks for popping in to my blog and if you win I don't mind posting to the UK ;)

Anonymous said...

these R 2 cute would like to make them for my local hospital. ty for the pattern theyre so cute.

PengPeng彬彬 said...

love your blog jess. can't wait to try out them baby booties for a friend's new born. thanks for the pattern.

Anonymous said...

Hi! My name is Marcia! I had my eye on this pattern for some time and after a few tries I was able to complete the baby bootie! I was very excited and I love how they came out! Thanks so much!