Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday book review

"The gentle art of domesticity" by Jane Brocket
ISBN: 978-0340950982

This lovely volume has been in my craft library ever since it was first published a couple of years ago. Because I've been an irregular reader of Jane Brocket's beautiful blog Yarnstorm I was aware at the time of the book being written and as the blog is so lovely I was desperate to get my hands on a copy as soon as possible.

Once it arrived it certainly didn't disappoint as I read it from cover to cover within days and enjoyed every single page immensely. The book just so lovely to look at, each two page spread has been beautifully laid out with just the right amount of text and photos artfully arranged that before you know it you've read through a whole chapter and your tea has gone cold.

The domestic topics covered in this book are varied and many but all seem to flow together well by being arranged into the following chapters: Inspiration, Colour, Texture, Patterns, Practical, Style, Comfort, Luxury, Sharing, Nature and Travel. Before you know it you will be looking at the world around you in a different way and noticing different colour combinations as well as perhaps having a go at a couple of the simple recipes (I can vouch for the flapjack recipe - delicious!) or reading a couple of the books that are recommended.

Out of all of my craft books this one has to be the most inspiring. There are no set projects in this book but there are hundreds of photographs of beautiful things from knitted socks, well loved books, delicious looking cakes, vibrant cushions and quilts that you would love to curl up in on a winters evening. The idea of embracing home and making it a place of comfort and refuge really resonates with me and each time I sit down with this book I get the urge to do some baking or pick up some sewing and curl up on the sofa.

This has become one of my few books that I regularly go back to when I need a little inspiration and a reminder that day to day life is vibrant and beautiful.

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