Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday magazine review

"Inside Crochet" issue 3
August/September 2009

After reading two fantastic issues from this new magazine I decided that I didn't want to risk missing any issues and so was very happy to find that one of my Birthday presents was a one year subscription to it.

Unfortunately the 3rd issue has not lived up to my expectations as most of the patterns it contains are for items that I would never make. The cover project is a good example of this - these odd fingerless crochet gloves are meant to be worn with your wedding dress, and even if women do want to wear gloves on their wedding day there isn't much chance of these matching their outfit, even the model wearing them hasn't managed to make them look appealing.

Out of the 14 different patterns within this magazine I only really like 3, one is a pretty top called 'Lucienne' by designer Annette Petavy which I am very tempted to have a go at. There are some fun and slightly crazy looking frog hats (by Jane Bibby) shown on the front cover of the magazine which I will be making up to keep my little boy's head warm this winter. And lastly there is an unusual pattern for a pebble rug by Rockpool Candy which is made in natural shades and the individual pebbles are then felted before sewing together into an arrangement that suits you.

There are a few more interesting crochet articles in this issue including an article about the properties of yarn made from different plant fibres which I found very interesting. The next issue looks much more promising though and as I received it last weekend I'll be able to feature it in next week's Friday review.

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