Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Our latest arrival

Sorry for the lack of posting recently, I've only just come out of hospital after giving birth to my second little one - baby Emily. Life here at Tea Towers has for this reason been pretty hectic so normal blogging has had to stop while we get ourselves settled in to our new life.

So far I'm loving having little Emily - she is such a sweet little one and seems to be quite a sleeper so hopefully I'll be able to find some time to craft and blog again soon. Until then I have been receiving some very lovely handmade presents from friends and family which I'll be able to share with you all while I get myself back on track.

This beautiful blanket has come from my sister in Wales - look how lovely it is! Liz has only been crocheting for a year but seems to have really taken to it and has produced quite a number of lovely things already (you can check out her blog here).


Lakota said...

Yay, a pic - both Emily and her new blanket are GORGEOUS! Congrats! And yes, if I'd just had a baby it would have been the best concealed pregnancy ever ;-)

Thanks for your comment re: the post at a Thrifty Mrs - good luck with the comping xx

June (planetjune) said...

Awww, congratulations!

Witchy Lizard said...

Jess she's gorgeous! I can't believe the blanket arrived today-only finished it yesterday haha (and I was originally planning a bigger blanket...) Hopefully she'll use it for years to come :-)
Emily is so beautiful darling, congratulations!

MummyCat said...

She is soooo beautiful! And the blanket looks so sweet wrapped around her. My box will be in the post Thursday morning xx

Ashley said...

Congratulations on baby Emily, she's a real sweetie.
Love the blanket, so kind of your sister to make it for her.

Ashley xxx

Hillery said...

Congratulations, she is so precious. Get some sleep, and no, there will be not time for crocheting!! Well, maybe a little time. LOL

Unknown said...

Congratulations on the arrival of beautiful Emily! She is sooooooo sweet and your family is very lucky to have her!! Please take good care of yourself and the baby.
Sending my love to you and your family from southern California,

Jane Delcambre said...

Awwww! Looky what you've made. "Hi Emily! Welcome to the World!" Glad you and Emily are doing well. So happy for you.

Amanda Makes said...

Hi Jess! Just found you through another blog! I've already forgotten which one...must be my age! Sounds like you've moved to my neck of the woods. I have a lovely hairdressing salon in Sale and upstairs is a craft workshop French Knots Craft Studio. It's lovely in there....thought it might appeal to you! Lots of love, Amanda xxx