Monday, March 3, 2008

This little piggy...

...came back to the parental home with me yesterday as a special mother's day surprise for my mum who absolutely adores pigs.

He is from the simple but adorable pattern by wee wonderfuls but I left off the wheels and just did him as a simple toy to keep my mum company at home. After finishing him off I now have a strong urge to make up some more little felt pigs - maybe I'll try to come up with my own design before my mum's next Birthday... either that or I could always make some for a future giveaway :-)

After having a good look around the new house he seemed to be satisfied with it and I'm sure he thought that my mum would be an easy mark for his cuteness. Hopefully he will be a good house pig and not leave things in a pigsty (a common complaint that my mum used to make about us kids).

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