Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Make do and mend

Back in the olden days people were much more likely to repair an old pair of socks or sew a patch onto their clothes, however in recent years we seem to have lost that urge to fix up our worn possessions and throw things away at the first sign of any damage. I'm just as guilty of doing this as anyone else - but I'm now starting to think about fixing things first or coming up with another use for some of the items that just end up in the bin.

My husband must have started to feel the same way recently, instead of throwing away an old pair of headphones he passed them on to me in the hopes that I could try and make some new covers for them. Surprisingly this was very easy to do, using a little left over chunky black yarn I quickly came up with some crochet covers which seem to do the job very nicely.

These covers are very simply 6 sc into a circle and a few rows of increasing by 6 sc each time. To finish off I worked 1 row without decreasing and then decreased by 6 sc to finish.

Both my husband and Tolo (see above) are impressed with the results - now if only I could make my worn out maternity jeans last me a little longer...

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