Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Slightly frantic

The last week seems to have whizzed past at a super fast rate with me being a crazy mum and dashing about with the push chair like a woman possessed.

On top of general life hectic-ness there has been the added complication that it seems like most of my friends and family manage to have their Birthday in July - and I somehow forgot this. So after realising that my little niece's Birthday was fast approaching I had to make my crochet hook a blur to get her a present made in time.

Looking at this little green guy you probably wouldn't have been able to guess that he came into the world in such a hurry, he seems to be far to relaxed for any of that nonsense. He has told me that I need to calm down and he is now setting off to my niece's home and hopefully he'll be there in time (he was muttering something about being faster than a hare...).

In other crafty news that I wanted to tell you about something came through the post for me from the wonderful M.Patrizio ( A while ago she offered to send out some of the spare Art Star Craft Bazaar postcards that she had and so I asked if she would post one out to me all the way over her in the UK. She very kindly did and she also sent me some of her gorgous fruit stickers (with a little Timmy on them too) which I love :-)

These stickers have already been started by my husband who wanted one of the mushrooms - so now I must hide them away. Oh and check out the cute Timmy sticker on the back of the envelope that they came in - so sweet!


athena said...

This little turtle is absolutely adorable. Well done, Jess!

Katy said...

I received Nigel safe and sounds today!! Whoot - he was a bit flat but i fluffed him up and he is so adorable :-) thankyou so much Jess, you are so clever and generous!!

ade said...

Oh my goodness! He is all too cute! I love the detail and the "just about to CHOMP" expression.


Melissa said...

He's so cute!