Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Yet again Halloween has managed to surprise me... before I knew what was happening it was only a week away and I had some last minute crafting to get done. Thankfully there is a fantastic pattern freely available on the Planetjune blog for these cute little pumpkins so after a bit of frantic crocheting I had these 3 finished and ready to start the Halloween celebrations.

Photo thanks go to my lovely husband who has spent some time fiddling with his new SLR camera to capture these pumpkins in the middle of lighting candles.

Seeing as the pumpkins really took very little time to make at all I also had time to make some very quick Halloween cards to go with them... just a few sheets of black sugar paper, some plain white printer paper and a silver pen and Bob's your uncle I had made some cards.

Now I should just go and dust off the old witches hat, find my broomstick and maybe carve a real pumpkin or two... perhaps I'll even go and do a bit of trick-or-treating too :-)

Happy Halloween everybody!


PengPeng彬彬 said...

ohh i love the pumpkins !!! hope you had a scary and lovely halloween. i spent mine in a wonderful japanese restaurant, follow my blog to find out :)

Howie Woo said...

Congratulations on creating such a Happy Halloween with your pumpkin & ghostly creations! The photo of the pumpkin triplets turned out so moody & lovely too. I hope everyone received plenty of sweet trick-or-treating treasures :)