Monday, November 23, 2009

A crochet filled weekend

This weekend seems to have gotten past me even faster than usual, but it may be my own fault this time as I did spend most of it crocheting. Another of my friends has had a baby and so instead of working away on my increasingly worrying pile of things that I need to make up as Christmas presents I decided to crochet baby things instead.

However, it was time well spent I think as over the last 3 days I have surprised myself by managing to make 3 lovely matching baby items that I think will be well received (even if they aren't exactly the right size for a newborn...). First up I used the "Baby it's cold outside" pattern by Julie Armstrong Holetz, a very popular choice among fellow Ravelry users and after making it I can see why, it is a really easy pattern that produces a lovely little cardigan. I did something strange with the sizing of mine and used a double knit wool with a smaller hook size than recommended (the pattern calls for a chunky wool) in the hopes that by following the pattern for 6-12 months it should be small enough for a newborn. I think it worked - it seems about the right size if very slightly on the large size.

To match the cardigan I had a go at making the ribbed baby hat from the Nola Theiss book "Crocheted gifts in a weekend" - but after getting halfway through changed my mind and frogged the whole thing as that pattern uses tons of wool and I just didn't have enough. So instead I just winged my own pattern and I'm pretty pleased with how it came out. It has a little cuff in the same contrasting colour as the cardigan that I added by crocheting around the back post of the stitches in the previous row. I'll try and write the pattern up soon in case anyone else fancies having a go so be sure to keep an eye out for it

To finish off the set I whipped up these little booties from "Crocheted gifts in a weekend" which after all the pairs of these I've made I almost know the pattern by heart. This time I added some little flowers to the ends of the ties for a little added cuteness.

Sorry for not managing to get my normal Friday book review up last week, it is written and almost ready to publish, but I've been trying to get a little elf to pose nicely for the photograph and I've had a little trouble with that - I think he would prefer to be a little imp :-)


Anonymous said...

Love, love, LOVE it! Your taste in colour combinations are great. Well done you!

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