Monday, January 4, 2010

What Santa brought us

This year it seems that I wasn't the only person trying to make handmade gifts for my friends and family, it turns out that my sister, sister in law and brother in law were all busy crafting away. Look at all the lovely things they made us!

From the top left going clockwise:

- bib for Sam (but I'm avoiding using it as Sam will only get it covered in food)
- pull along duck
- crochet ball with bell
- lavender sachet
- small & tiny totoro (the tiny totoro also has lavender in - lovely)
- tasty jam
- cute crochet flower brooch (mollie flowers)

As if all this wasn't enough my lovely sister also painted this for little Sam's room - isn't it just beautiful? I'm going to get it properly framed and hung in his room very soon and I know that it will become one of Sam's favourite things.

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