Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Who's this?

After a few more days of construction I managed to put together the pieces that you saw in my last post and I can now proudly reveal my latest crochet critter - a tiny amigurumi giraffe from the free pattern by Anjapanda (if you are a Ravelry user you can get the pattern from here). Well done Hannah for guessing it correctly, must have been because you make so much amigurumi yourself!

Look at him peeping out from behind some of the overgrown grass in our garden (perhaps he'll help me keep our lawn a little shorter if I ask him nicely?) isn't he sweet! Though he is very cute he is also rather shy and after a good deal of coaxing I've managed to persuade him to come out properly so you can have a good look at him. He seems to be enjoying the garden which is great as we've put quite a bit of work into it this weekend so I'm glad that someone is getting the chance to spend some time in it.

The pattern turned out to be surprisingly simple with a simple head and body shape, 4 little legs and one long tube for the neck. The hardest part as ever was the construction, but even with all the fiddling with pipe cleaners, sewing bits together and embroidering on all the spots it was all done quite quickly.

Now I'm going to have to somehow try not to get too attacted to this little fellow as he is destined for the Christmas box. Hopefully I'll find someone who will love him lots and make sure he has plenty of fresh grass to eat.

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