Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Completed squares

Some of you may remember that back in June I did some work on some squares for the wonderful Sunshine International Blanket of Love project (SIBOL). Well shamefully I never got around to finishing those squares off as I had wanted to make a few more squares to go with them.

However, after reading that Sue needed one more square for her first Jan Eaton blanket I decided that this was what I needed inspire me to finish off those other squares and make me feel a little less guilty about not sending them sooner. Sue was very understanding about just how long it has taken me to send her the original squares that I had promised and said that she would be happy for me to have a go at block 21 "Blue shades".

So this weekend I tackled "Blue shades" and though it was a quick and easy block to make up I wouldn't recommend it as one to base a blanket on - it would be very tricky to join up with other squares and even after having a go at blocking it this weekend it still looks crocked to me.

I'm very happy to be done though and so very proud to be included in the first of the Jan Eaton blankets - I can't wait to see how Sue puts them all together.

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Mrs Twins said...

Hi Jessica,
May I thank you for the wonderful post and indeed your lovely selection of Squares received today!
I am just over the moon with them. No. 21 is perfect. I can't wait to do the Jan Eaton Blanket and I do hope you will think about doing one of the next blocks 26 to 50 when I announce it.

I have to make this Blanket up first.

The Squares are beautiful, I have my favourites, but then who doesn't? But I love all the other Squares too. I can't thank you enough for helping me out. I hope you have patience now until you can see your Squares! They sit and have a rest now until 'they are called!'. ha.ha.

You are officially one of our 'SIBOLETTES' Welcome and Thanks!
Love Suex