Sunday, June 5, 2011

Flower brooch pattern

As promised last week I'm posting up the pattern for my crochet flower brooches. They are very simple to make and depending on the yarn and buttons you choose can be made to suit any outfit. Feel free to make up these flowers as gifts for friends and family. If you do want to make some to sell then I would appreciate being credited as the author of the pattern. Please DO NOT publish this pattern elsewhere. 
Materials list

Scraps of DK yarn
4mm crochet hook
Darning needle (to work in loose ends)
Pretty buttons
Glue gun
Brooch backs


This pattern uses American crochet terms. The abbreviations used here are:
Chain – ch
Slip stitch – sl st
Single crochet – sc
Treble – tr
* - shows where a pattern repeat takes place

Row 1:  Make a magic circle, ch 1, work 8 sc into circle and pull tail to close (8 sc)

Row 2:  Sl st into top of 1st sc from the previous row. Ch 1, work 2 sc in each sc around (16 sc)

Row 3:  Sl st into top of 1st sc from the previous row. *Ch 3, sl st into next 2 sc* repeat around (8 3 ch loops)

Row 4:  *Sc into 3 ch loop, ch 1, 3 tr, ch 1, sc* repeat around (8 inner flower petals worked) Sl st into first sc worked and finish off

Row 5: Join second colour to back of flower (see photo) with a sl st *ch 4, st st between base of next two petals* repeat around finishing with a ch 4 and sl st into first sl st worked. (8 4 ch loops)

Row 6: *Sc into 4 ch loop, ch 1, 5 tr, ch 1, sc* repeat around (8 outer flower petals worked) Sl st into first sc worked, finish off and work in loose ends
Attach button and glue clasp to back – finished!


MummyCat said...

Very pretty! Wouldn't they look good on a girl's birthday card? Much nicer than the plastic badges other cards have.

Ninja Mum said...

So cute and love the colors!

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Lyn said...

You are very generous to share these patterns with all of us!

amybevil said...

Very cute flowers thanks for the pattern. Used them on a hat for friends.

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CJ said...

Thank you ever so much ! They are lovely!