Wednesday, July 20, 2011

More Birthday goodies

I'm really loving all the wonderful presents I've received this year, so many lovely crafty related things.

I thought I would share quickly with you all a carefully cropped photo of me (so you can't tell just how huge I'm starting to look) featuring the beautiful necklace that my younger sister made me. We used to make these helter skelter friendship bracelets (more commonly known as Chinese staircase bracelets) as girls and she has cleverly used this method to make me this fantastic necklace which I really love.

My sister Liz has also started up crochet this year (you may already be aware of my other sister Thea's blog) and seems to have caught a bit of a craft bug at the same time as she also made me a beautiful Flower Fairy card as well. Thanks so much Liz - what a wonderful present, I can't wait to see what you come up with next  :-)


Witchy Lizard said...

Hiya big sis! I'm so glad you like the necklace-it's a sodalite pendant (I remember you used to love that colour) and I often use the helter skelter method-I remember how patiently you'd try and teach me but this was the method that stuck!
I have to admit that I bought the card-I saw it and immediately thought of you-if I could make cards, this is the sort I'd make :-)
I'm going to try and set up an account here and work out a way to get pics of my crochet journey so watch this space!
Big love
Liz and Myf xxx

MummyCat said...

Well done little sis! You're a getting too good, too fast!