Monday, August 15, 2011

Tea Towers mark III

After 3 months of living up in Yorkshire with family we finally have a lovely new home in Manchester. Though it has been a very stressful journey to get us into our new home we are so happy to finally be here and able to start settling into what we hope will be our home for a good many years to come.

You may remember me telling you about this little plaque I made on my Birthday - I've been meaning to make one for years so when it came back from the kiln last month I was so happy to see how it turned out as well as relieved that it survived. It's now hanging up proudly in our front porch to help welcome all our visitors to our new home.

While our house sale was completing I also found some time to do a bit of paper stamping and made up a stack of these little notecards to send out as new address notices.

The stamp set I used is one that my mum-in-law got free from her card making magazine (Quick cards, issue 90, August 2011) and I completely adore. Because I made such a fuss over her set she went out and bought me my own copy so hopefully I'll be making some cards using these lovely stamps soon.

It's been just over a week since we moved in but we already have most of our belongings out of boxes and are working steadily through an impressively long list of 'to do' jobs as well as trying to buy new furniture to fit our new home. Once piece of furniture that we have just bought is already made up and stacked full of my precious tea things.

Though moving in has gone brilliantly well there has been one disaster - my most used wool stash bag that contained most of the yarn I use for making up Amigurumi has gone missing. We've done a thorough search and it is starting to look like it is gone for good. I really hope it shows up as there are tons of things I want to start making and can't - however if it is definitely gone then I'll need to try to replace some of it, do any of you have recommendations for cheap online (UK based) yarn suppliers?


MummyCat said...

It's lovely to see so many blog entries. The plaque is very beatiful and I love my little stamped address card. I will go and post on your other entries now..

Emily C said...

Jess, I can't believe your wool stash has been stolen for your amigurumi :( is there a wilkinson near you as they do a ball of wool for a pound - not sure if that is suitable for amigurumi (i had to google it!!) will say a prayer for the return of your wool!!

Witchy Lizard said...

Glad you're moved in and hopefully the wool bag turns up soon! If not, enjoy the replacement shop ;-) xx

Jessica said...

The search for the wool stash continues and worryingly has revealed that I've also lost a small stash of finished items I was going to send as presents... they MUST be here somewhere, I will just have to keep searching.

I doubt very much that the movers took a fancy to my bag of yarn - though I quite like the idea of one of them being a secret knitter/crocheter - if it is gone then it is probably just mislaid in the move and perhaps will never be reclaimed. If this is the case then I will be sure to console myself with an online order of yarn...