Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January's decoration: Maroushka dolls

Even though 2012 is still very young I'm already thinking and planning about what I want to have made as presents for Christmas. I'm going to try and make all my Christmas presents again this year and after the rush I had when I tried it for Christmas 2010 I think starting as early as possible can only be a good thing.

These lovely ladies are from "Fa la la Felt" (a fantastic book full of wonderful felty Christmas inspiration) and apart from some fiddily cutting out were simple and quick to make. I love their sleepy eyes and I'm extra pleased with how the simple embroidery I did on the flower centres turned out. More decorations out of Fa la la Felt will definitely be making an appearance during the year, the hard thing is going to be resisting making everything in the book!

Oops - I only just managed to get this post in at the very last minute, I'll try to be better organised for February's decoration.


Witchy Lizard said...

I really love how these 'felties' turn out-they have such a classic sweet look! I'm going to have to look up blanket stitch as that seems to be a main stitch for felt work?

Very cute darling, great work!

Jessica said...

Thanks Liz! Yup blanket stitch and felt go together perfectly - everything looks good with a bit of blanket stitch.