Friday, September 7, 2012

September's decoration: Felt Christmas pudding

Wow - look how early I've managed to get this month's Christmas decoration done!

Once you've recovered from your shock at seeing this month's Christmas decoration complete I'll have to admit that the reason I've made this so quickly is that I won the kit in a giveaway and just couldn't wait to get started on it.

I'm a huge fan of the paper-and-string blog and I love all the beautiful felt products that Sarah sells in her shop so I was delighted when she let me know that I had won one. She usually runs one giveaway each month but as she was bringing out a new range of Christmas goodies she decided to hold a whole week of giveaways.

My favourite out of her Christmas tree decorations (part of her 'sew your own' range) was this little cheerful Christmas pudding - simple and very, very cute. I'm tempted to raid my ribbon stash and have a go at making a few more as presents, but this little guy will definitely be added to my own Christmas tree decorations as I just can't bear to part with him.

Her kits contain everything you need to make your own decoration (apart from a needle and the thread) even the stuffing! The ribbons and button included are just adorable and make the finished item extra special :-)


thebigmango said...

Cute! I hadn't come across paper and string before. Thanks for the tipoff.

MummyCat said...

You SWINE! I entered each one again and still, you managed to win a freebie! Will I ever win my own???

Unknown said...

This little Christmas pudding is adorable! How fun to make and to win the kit!!!