Saturday, April 6, 2013

Spring time

Looking outside the sky is so blue and the garden finally looks like spring is here. I've been a very lucky girl recently and also received a few fresh bunches of flowers from good friends which is filling the house with a lovely scent :-)

One of these bunches of flowers is from a friend from one of the toddler groups I helped with back when we lived in London and it was sent as a thank you for the work I put into getting her mother's crochet blanket finished for her recently.

Sadly her mum died last year and while sorting through her belongings she found this blanket that her mum had started but never finished. She was keen to have it finished, but as she doesn't know how to crochet she asked around and I offered to do the work for her.

It was a real labour of love as so much needed to be done for it - including pulling out the occasional 'extra' hexagon which had found its way into the wrong place! Hopefully it'll be much loved, by both my friend and her daughter :-)

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Witchy Lizard said...

Jess, the blanket looks absolutely stunning-you've done a wonderful job of finishing it and I'm sure it will be treasured for many years xxx