Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Patchwork weekend

Last weekend was spent at a sewing machine in North Yorkshire.

My lovely husband was in charge of the kids for a three day weekend while I got to spend all that time learning how to do patchwork. I stayed in a lovely bed and breakfast in Burniston (near to Scarbourgh) where I was provided with plenty of lovely food as well as being surrounded by so many beautiful patchwork items that it almost made you dizzy.

The lady who taught us (we were a group of 6 ladies all working on different patchwork projects) is called Maggie Martin and she runs regular courses in all aspects of patchwork. As well as keeping all 6 of us busy with our various projects and helping some of us more novice patchworkers (ie me) she also kept us provided with some very lovely meals. Her courses are well worth the money so if you are local to Yorkshire then definitely give them a try.

I really loved making these two cushions (in case you are curious the block design is called 'dutchmans puzzle') and I now have a much better appreciation of the time and effort that goes into doing patchwork!

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Witchy Lizard said...

Those are gorgeous Jess-it never ceases to amaze me all the different types of craft you can do so well xx