Sunday, January 12, 2014

Amigurumi for all the family

Instead of trying to make hand crafted presents for all my friends at Christmas I decided to focus on making special amigurumi for Sam, Emily & Rich. 

First of all I made up the lovely grey Totoro amigurumi (pattern by the very talented Lucy Ravenscar). He is a very big and cuddly amigurumi and is so cute - we now have quite an army of Totoro's in this house :-)

Next to make something for Sam - and what could be better than a mini minion? Sam loves the Despicable Me films and finds the antics of the minions hilarious. He is very pleased to have his own minion now and has shown it off to lots of his friends. Lovely and easy minion pattern by Kristen McCrory)


Lastly I crocheted up a rather scary Gengar for Rich - he used to have a plastic one that scared me silly and this crochet one does the same, it's probably those red evil eyes that are responsible. This is another clear and well written pattern - lots of separate parts though so quite a mission to finish it all up. Pattern by Ana Amélia Mendes Galvão

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