Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Crafty costume update

So much has happened here at Tea Towers over the last year - there has been plenty of playing, making and living. I've been meaning to get a post together for a very long time but can't seem to organise my time well enough.

My solution is going to have to be quick posts with lots of photos and to start my posting for 2015 I thought I would treat you to a few more costumes!

First up we have two very suspicious characters that look up to no good. Simple paper eye masks with black beanie crochet caps and stripy tops - robber costumes ready just in time for a party :-)

Sam was very keen to dress up as a pumpkin for Halloween last year so after a bit of panicking finally came up with the idea of a drawstring bag type arrangement with a hole for his legs to come out the bottom. We stuffed it with bubblewrap and balloons and he loved it (though did have a little difficulty getting through doors!

For the school play this year we had to dress Sam in a Christmas jumper and Santa hat, so I decided I wanted to make his light up. Rich helped me out with the circuit diagram to do this and then I sewed it all with exciting conductive thread and then added a crochet Christmas tree patch over the top.

Sam really loved it.

Last costume is for World Book Day tomorrow - Sam has been reading the "Faraway Tree" series by Enid Blyton and adores them - so here he is as the Faraway tree itself.

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