Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Easter time

Because I'm not supposed to be using my arm yet I've been unable to make anything to celebrate Easter this year. So with Sam's school Easter bonnet parade coming up this week I dusted off the impressively tall marching hat style bonnet I made him last year - restuck the daffodil centres and cut a slit up the back so he could just about jam the whole thing on his head again.

Now I love this hat - I had great fun making it last year and I was so proud of how it turned out. Sam however does not share my feelings for it - it has to fit very tightly to prevent the whole thing slipping off as it is very weighty, so every time he wears it he complains bitterly of how much it hurts...

Best do something more head friendly next year because if I get this hat out again Sam may well call the Childline on me.

1 comment:

Witchy Lizard said...

That hat is fabulous! I wish I had half your talent for costume making xxx