Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Cuddly blanket

I've finished my baby blanket for the Cwtch of comfort project that my wonderful sister Liz is collecting squares and blankets for.

My blanket is made using the lovely 'Circle of friends' square designed by Patrica Hewitt and because of the bobbles it is lovely and cuddly.

For the boarders I worked even more bobbles to match the squares and I'm so pleased with them.

My blanket is 4x4 6" squares boarded in white and then joined together with an extra board round the edge to bring the size up to 30".

Sam is here to help you see how large it actually is.

Good luck with collecting squares and making up blankets Liz - I hope you receive lots and have enough time (and wrist strength!) to make plenty of blankets :-)

1 comment:

Witchy Lizard said...

You've done such a fantastic job xxx

We currently have nearly 300 squares-I'm waiting for the last ones to arrive and I'll be starting the blanket making process next week (eek!) Can't wait, it's so exciting!