Monday, August 22, 2016

Meet Mareep the Pokemon sheep

We have been quite Pokemon crazy here at Tea Towers this Summer and have been playing the Pokemon Go game on Rich's phone, making our own cards and also getting excited about all the different creatures there are. So it made logical sense to me that when I saw the latest Yarndale collaborative project that my contribution would be Pokemon themed.

So say hello to 'Mareep' - my sheepy character that will be sent out to join the rest of the flock at this year's Yarndale (little woolly sheep project)

My Mareep has been made using the free crochet pattern up on Lucy of Attic24's blog with a few elements like the quiff and ear cones that I've come up with freehand. I hope someone at Yarndale gives him a loving new home!

Finally a proper photo of the Pokemon card I used for inspiration, I love the cute picture of Mareep on this card - he looks so sweet and fluffy.

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Anonymous said...

That is one awesome little sheep . Great job !!