Wednesday, July 25, 2018


Have a look at the pots I got to make at a friend's hen party, they've been glazed and fired and thankfully survived coming up from London to Croatia and then to us here in Manchester.

This little one was my first try at using the potters wheel and turned out much better than I imagined.

It was lovely using the wheel and feeling the clay take shape, would love to try it again some time.

We also got to spend some time forming a pot by hand. This took a much longer time with much smoothing out and slowly shaping.

My pot had a torn edge effect that thankfully meant I didn't need to try and create an even brim... it may well have driven my fussy nature crazy!

I'm not as keen on the outside of my pot with the striped look from the glaze... I had thought it would be coming closer to the base than it did which would have just left the light blue showing at the bottom.

I love my two pots and am so grateful to my friend for having such a lovely crafty hen party :-)

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