Monday, January 28, 2008

New Years resolution - number 2

For my second craft related New Years resolution I resolved to reduce my stash of yarn that I've been storing up for years (you may have noticed the number of green items that I've been crocheting - this is all to use up a large amount of green yarn that I've had for many many years).

I'm also clearing out some of my no longer used crochet magazines and a baby crochet book that I never got around to making anything from. After finding a thread on the wonderful Crochetville forum about 'Random acts of kindness' I decided that I would give this a go. The idea is to write up a short list of your own wishes for anything from postcards to a new house in the hopes that some of your wishes may come true. You can then go through some of your fellow crafters wishes and see if there are any that you can grant.

So the photo above is of some of the items that I will be posting off in the hopes of making someones day a little bit brighter. This is such a lovely idea and perfect for finding a good home for the items that I haven't been making the best use of.

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