Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Nice day for a new blog

I've been thinking about getting myself sorted with a separate craft blog for some time now and today I have finally decided to do so.

Why do I think that I need two blogs?

Hmm - probably because I feel that my crafty life and my personal day to day life are two separate things. I don't really want to bore my friends and family silly with the craft projects that I'm working on - and I really do want to join in with some of the lovely craft blogging that is going on at the moment.

So my one New Year's resolution will be to put some time and effort into this blog and to try and post about something new at least once a week.

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Purple and Paisley said...

hi jessica! you left a comment for me on my "purple and paisley" blog and just wanted to thank you! it was a dickens trying to find you back! =) hope you start posting lots about your crafty stuff...there is a whole crafty blogland world out there, isn't there? thanks again and i'll check in from time to time...