Thursday, August 14, 2008

Cluster of baby hats

After just a week of frantic crochet I now have 4 pretty little hats for the Save the Children "Knit one save one" appeal. With a little trial and error I did manage to design my own version of the new born hat pattern that was published in Woman's Weekly. In fact - I had so much fun designing the first hat that I also designed a similar second hat (you can find these patterns in the sidebar on the right).

The two patterns for these hats (shown in the photo as the first 3 hats - blue, lilac & pink) should hopefully be error free and are much, much easier to make up than the pattern that I spent a week struggling with. These little hats are now destined to be sent off to my Mum for packaging up with any hats that she and my sister make up. Hopefully they help warm some little newborn heads soon.


scarletti said...

Well done you! They look brilliant. Think I'll be tripping over to your patterns in due course! Thank you.

Kristen said...

I was just about to make your simple newborn hat with earflaps but I don't understand Row 1. How can I Ch 1 and join it with a sl st to form a circle? Shouldn't there be at least two chains to do that?


Jessica said...

Sorry Kristen, you've found my first typo in the pattern, it should have read:

ch 3, join with a sl st to form a circle.

I've corrected it now - hopefully the rest of it makes more sense!