Monday, August 4, 2008

Jayne Cobb hat

Some of you may already know who Jayne Cobb is - but for those of you who don't he was one of the characters in the fantastic series "Firefly" and during that series he received a hat similar to the one I have just finished making.

Over at the Crochet Me website Kim Werker has put out a call asking all crocheters to have a go at making up one of these hats and posting a photo of themselves in it in the hopes of enticing Joss Wheldon (creator of Firefly, Buffy & Angel) to do an interview with her.

Well my attempt isn't quite right, it has 2 extra colours in it for starters (I didn't have enough of one yellow for the top so to even that out I had to use an extra darker red at the bottom) and instead of using a chunky yarn I ended up with a much finer double knitting yarn... so I had to do my own pattern. I still like this hat though - and hopefully my sister will too as it is one of the first of the Christmas presents I've made... only about 50 more to do *sigh*.


Elisabeth said...

I love your version of the hat. Is there any way you would post your pattern? Whether it is with the right colors or not? I have a friend who would love a hat but I can't knit and like your tight crochet stitches better than others I have found.

elisabethascherer at gmail dot com if would let me know.

Jessica said...

Thanks Lis - I'll look over my notes and hopefully get round to publishing a pattern for it soon if you want it. It may take me a little while but I'll let you know when I'm done :-)