Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Garment success!

To treat myself after all the Christmas crafting madness I thought I would make something for myself and I felt it was time to challenge my crochet skills by having a go at making my first crochet garment.

The pattern is called "Lucienne" (for fellow Ravelry users you can find the details here) designed by Annette Petavy and published in issue 3 of Inside Crochet. The design was surprisingly simple with the bodice part being worked in the front loop only to give a nice stretchy fabric and the bottom part flaring out slightly so that it flatters those of us with a bit of a tummy. My top has a higher neckline than shown in the original design as it was a little too low for me, but as doing the adjustment worked out quite well it has given me a bit of confidence to perhaps try adjusting my next project.

This lovely top took me only a month of slightly frantic crocheting and I really do love how it fits so well and feels so snug. Now back to making things for other people, but perhaps I'll get a chance to have a bit more crochet self-indulgence some time soon.

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RedFlame said...

looks really pretty, I think you did a fabulous job AND its great that you made something for yourself!