Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday magazine review

Mixtape - issue 11 (late 2009)

For my first Mother's day my husband subscribed me to this little zine that I had been hankering after for some time. Sadly though this will be my 4th and final issue of this as during my time subscribed to this the magazine has become colour through out as well as increasing in size which has caused the cost of it to go up as well.

I've really enjoyed getting this quirky zine through the post, just getting post all the way from Australia is pretty exciting, but I never really knew what to expect when the latest issue of this came through the door. The articles are mostly to do with crafting, there are features about specific artists works as well as book reviews a few simple how-tos and always something unexpected, like this week's short article about old fashioned motel signs.

But unfortunately £40 for 4 issues is more than I can justify right now so my husband will just have to be even more creative when thinking up what he is going to get me for this Mother's day. However, I think the price is fair for the lovely magazine that you get and I would recommend it to anyone else who is tempted to try something a little different. Hopefully Mixtape will continue to go from strength to strength and perhaps someday I'll get to read it again.


62cherry said...

thanks so much for supporting us :)
sad to loose you as a subscriber but we may see you back down the track!

Jessica said...

Aww - you're welcome! Best of luck with your fantastic little magazine - I can't wait to see what it has evolved into in a few years time :-)