Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New growth

The sun has started coming out quite a bit recently and our little garden is seems to be coming back to life. Seeing the bluebells come up reminded me that I needed to start my sweetpeas off so that they would be ready for summer. So with the aid of a couple of egg boxes, some potting compost and a little gentle watering I now have some little seedlings coming through. Hopefully these little guys survive my tender care (there are some very sad looking plants on the window sill that could have probably done with a little less of my attention) and will be just as pretty as their parent plants were last year.

In crafty news it seems that my Curious Alien pattern is being well received as it was mentioned here on the Free Amigurumi Patterns blog which my sister found and pointed out to me.

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Crafty Maria said...

Hey Jess,

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