Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday magazine review

"Inside Crochet" issue 8
June/July 2010
UK crochet terms

Because I've only recently returned from holiday I've not been able to make anything from the latest issue of Inside Crochet so please forgive this project-less review, I'll try very hard to make it up to you next time!

This issue focuses on more summery projects with a good number of light weight crocheted cover ups that would be great for those cool summer evenings. There are also a few other projects that catch your interest with a very cute tea pot cosy (which I may have fallen a little in love with) as well as a chunky bag that has a great woven/plaited texture, a very sweet little crochet top for a young girl and a quick crochet project for kids to try. There are also a good selection of interesting articles to read through including a short piece about the fantastic SIBOL project that I wrote about in my previous Friday review.

Overall this was a great issue, there are a good number of pretty patterns that I'm sure would suit a range of tastes as well as some interesting articles and crochet news that focuses on events in the UK (including a brief piece about the upcoming Stitch yourself event being held by the Science Museum). This issue marks the last of my current subscription, though I'm hopeful that one of my family members will renew it for me as a Birthday present as I really do enjoy getting it through the post and so far it has been well worth the £25 for 6 issues. So keep your fingers crossed for me and hopefully there will be more Friday reviews for this magazine soon.

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