Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Last minute panic

Last week the Tea Towers residents (ie: myself, my husband and little Sam) were all away on a quick break at one of the UK Center Parcs during which time I managed to completely forget about a number of impending Birthdays... So after finally getting through most of the laundry on our return I notice in my diary that I needed to do some Birthday related crafting - and quickly!

That's where Sasha the Seahorse comes in. My little niece loves sea life and is particularly fond of seahorses so when I found the free pattern for Sasha on Futuregirl's fantastic blog I was determined to have a go at making it for her. This little seahorse was pretty quick and simple to make thanks to the detailed and clear instructions. I found cutting out the pieces to be the fiddliest part while the sewing was strangely quite easy and satisfying.

Now I'm off to tuck this in with my niece's Birthday card and then I should probably check my diary again in case there are any more Birthday related surprises lurking in there.

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Lyn said...

It's very cute!