Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Birthday pause...

Sorry for the delay in my usual posts - I've just returned from a long weekend up North with my mother in law and so I'm running a little behind. My husband and father in law were off marshaling at the Grand Prix in Silverstone while my mother in law and I got in touch with our girly side.

We spent a lovely weekend enjoying the nice weather by visiting parks and picnicking as well as watching a very large amount of Pride & Prejudice in the evenings (somehow we managed to get through both the 6 hours of the BBC TV series as well as the 2 hour Kiera Knightley version).

Because I had forgotten to pack any crafting to do while away so treated myself to some lovely Sirdar crofter DK and a beautiful knit pro hook and in those long evenings managed to crochet up two thirds of a scarf. The knit pro hook is lovely to work with, my first wooden hook yet.

After getting back yesterday afternoon I opened up all my Birthday presents and cards and as well as being given the very beautiful butterfly box above I also got some crochet and cupcake books which I can't wait to have a good read through and tell you about in more detail. On top of this I've had my subscription for Inside Crochet magazine renewed and a new subscription to Sew Hip magazine also taken out!

Now I had best start putting out all my Birthday cards - I'll try to be back with a more crafty post soon.


annemarie said...

Happy belated birthday - sounds like you had a great one! Your books look so tempting.

Lyn said...

Happy belated birthday wishes!
Sounds like you had a lovely weekend and lots of lovely pressies.