Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pretty baby things

I'm starting to make a little progress through some of my UFOs and I thought I would show off the finished baby cardigan that I gave you a sneak peak of a few weeks ago.

The pattern is called "Maisie baby cardigan" designed by Alicia Paulson and available in the book "Vintage crochet". Though I found the pattern clear and easy to follow I was a little disappointed with how much construction was needed - the top half consists of 5 separate parts that need sewing together (including the two separate sleeves that each were worked flat for some reason and then needed sewing up at the end) with the lower skirt then getting crocheted directly onto the finished top half. Because I used a blueish yarn for this cardigan I decided to add a lilac trim to feminise it a little more and I think it ended up working nicely.

To accompany the cardigan I also worked up some simple baby booties this time from the book "Essential crochet" by Erika Knight. The pattern was quick and easy to make up and I love the chunky little flowers that go on the front. I still need to make up little crochet ties for these booties as the soon to be mum has expressed a preference for those as opposed to the ribbons suggested in the pattern.

 As these are all done I've now got a hankering to make some more baby bits and bobs so if you've any favourite patterns that you can recommend I would love to hear about them!


Rachael said...

very cute!

annemarie said...

Absolutely beautiful - your talent is amazing. You must have a nice collection of books!!

Unknown said...

Wow, Jessica, these are gorgeous creations! I own the same "Vintage Crochet" book, and I've always dreamed of making this beautiful baby cardigan (although we no longer have babies in our house ;). You did an awesome job. Love them!!