Saturday, August 21, 2010

Piggy pair

Crochet seems to be taking over my craft time a little at the moment, there are just so many different projects that I want to make (my Ravelry queue is now up to a shocking 43 items - when will I ever find the time?) So please forgive me if my blog seems to be a little over full of crochet items at the moment, I am planning to do some more sewing very soon.

These two little pigs are from a lovely pattern by June Gilbank who writes the fantastic blog PlanetJune which is well worth checking if you too love all things crochet. I was lucky enough to get a discount on one of her fantastic patterns and so I choose to buy the pigs - these are the most realistic crochet pigs that I think I have ever seen and the pattern also included instructions for how to change colours so that you could also make the Saddleback pig  (black and pink).

You may have noticed that I have made a few piggies in the past (little pig & felt pig), my Mum is a big pig fan so whenever I see a pattern for a new pig I rush to get it so I can have a go at making it up for her. These two pigs will also be heading off to her as part of her Christmas present but until then they will have to try and get comfortable in the slightly crowded Christmas box.


annemarie said...

How cute these are - in my book you can never overdo the crochet posts - I love anything and everything crochet.

June (planetjune) said...

I'm really glad you enjoyed my pattern! I love how your piggies turned out :)