Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Birthday treats

I'm feeling pretty lucky again when I look down at my latest crafty haul for gaining another year.

My crafty books are all from my Mum who very wisely visited my Amazon wishlist so this year no need to try and return anything as I've wanted all these books for ages.

I was also delighted to receive a small crafty supply stash from my lovely sister containing pretty zips, some little deco tapes and a bag of pretty pastel buttons (all from the lovely paper-and-string). She must have read my mind as not only was I planning on ordering her next present from there but I've also been hankering after some of these hand dyed buttons...

The large pile of pretty wool is part of my present from my Mother in law who took me out for a morning of porcelain painting and then let me loose in the attached wool shop to buy whatever I liked!

So many lovely crafty things that it's hard to know just where to start :-)


Joan said...

WOW what a great mother in law letting you loose in a craft shop
can't wait to see what you make

MummyCat said...

Enjoy your bits and pieces my dear! I look forward to seeing your new creations x

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Oh I quite fancy that fa-la-la-la felt one - felt being about my level generally!

Hope all going well x

Mrs Twins said...

Sorry I'm late wishing you a happy birthday Jess and congratulatons too!
I'm wondering whether Henley On Thames is near to you. I have two free tickets to a craft show in August? Would you like them?
asap please if you could.
thanks Sue x