Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lovely sequins

Things seem to be starting to come together here in the new Tea Towers, new furniture is steadily being added, new kitchen appliances being installed (still stuck with the scary old gas oven though... hopefully will have a new one of those some time soon). My crafting has also taken off again and I'm back up to my usual crafting capacity.

Having all my craft things back out and nearby has been such a relief after 3 months of them being stowed away in storage. I've been sorting through what I have and during that time have come across a few exciting bits that I can't wait to find uses for. The sequins you see on this little bag were one of my discoveries and they match the little handbag I was making perfectly.

So now with it's added glam and straps securely fastened it can be sent off as a slightly late Birthday present for a little girl I know - I hope she likes it!